Energy storage for everyone

Our mission is to make renewable energy available and affordable for everyone by storing energy inside buildings.


NEStore is a new energy storage system for residential and commercial markets.

Our compact device turns power from solar panels into heat and stores it in a vessel containing hot water. This new technology originally developed in TNO laboratories* keeps the water at high temperature for weeks with minimal energy losses.

By using our NEStore you can have your own source of energy in your home building or  any kind of building. Only during cold days will the system switch to the high-performance gas boiler or heat pump.

Your gas consumption will immediately go down by tens of percentages!

With NEStore you have now:

  • Compact size energy storage with hardly any losses that fits into any home or commercial building
  • Renewable energy available and affordable for everyone
  • No-regret investment into your building and ideal support of your solar panels or collectors, heat pump or gas boiler!

*Researchers from TNO and technical experts from KÖNIG METALL have jointly developed NEStore technology enabling the virtually heat loss-free storage of hot water with vacuum insulation technology from KÖNIG METALL. That was how the principle behind the technology found in NEStore was born.

About us

We have decided to establish Newton Energy Solutions in order to offer affordable energy solutions for everyone.

Our team is innovation driven with a clear vision to eneble energy transition for building owners and users at affordable costs. 

We have decided to team up with large manufacturer and combine existing supply chains across various domains, like automotive, high tech and domestic appliance industries.

Latest news

Our new office

Our new office

Our new office and laboratory are ready! We are now located in the YES!Delft community in Delft. Our lab will be used to prototype our heat storage systems, so we are ready to scale up in 2023.  You are welcome to visit and see what the future of energy storage...

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