Ultimate flexibility

NEStore can be easily combined with existing energy systems and is an ideal solution for homes or buildings with solar panels, collectors, heat pump or gas boiler. 

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Minimal heat loss

NEStore is designed towards minimizing energy losses and thus delivers performances order of magnitude better than existing hot water buffers reaching energy efficiency of electric batteries.

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Cost and payback time

NEStore stores 3 to 5 times more energy than other heat storage products of the same size.

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Sustainable and circular

In NEStore we have combined a unmatching energy performance with a smart choice of fully recyclable materials like stainless steel and thus delivering a product with very low overall CO2 footprint.

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Installation & Maintenance

NEStore’s can be placed and connected within half an hour and offers dramatically reduced maintenance costs with respect to traditional boilers due to no issues with scaling.

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How does NEStore work?

The main parts of NEStore are the stainless steel vacuum insulated vessel (GVI vessel) for the storage of water that is coupled with fluidic assembly containing pumps, heaters, sensors, heat exchangers and safety devices.

NEStore provides ultimate flexibility as it can be coupled to any source of energy, such as solar panels, collectors or heat pump.

NEStore takes the surplus of the generated energy and stores it in the GVI vessel as hot water.

This way, you don’t have to feed the energy you generate yourself back into the grid but it will remain available for your own use at a later date.

Ultimate flexibility

NEStore in combination with solar panels

NEStore is best understood as a heat battery that stores all your surplus solar and/or wind energy.
It turns electricity into heat energy that you use at a later time. As a result, electric transport and grid load then decrease instead of increasing. All the energy from your solar panels is kept inside your building or home.

This storage system is therefore the ideal solution for homes or buildings with solar panels.

  • with heat pump 100% 100%
  • without heat pump 40% 40%

NEStore in combination with a heat pump

Heat pumps score better when combined with NEStore because there is less waste. NEStore is effective even without a heat pump. You will still save about 30 to 40% on gas consumption. With a heat pump, even savings of 100% are possible. Even after the NEStore has been installed, a heat pump can still be connected to the system at a later date.

NEStore in combination with a high-performance gas boiler

NEStore can also be linked to an existing high-performance gas boiler.

As soon as necessary, the system automatically switches to the high-performance gas boiler.

Cost and payback time

NEStore stores 3 to 5 times more energy than other heat storage products of the same size. Combined with its very limited heat loss, NEStore forms a stable on-site source of hot water and heating. Only during cold days will it be necessary to switch on the central heating boiler or water pump to help out. Combine it with solar panels and you will immediately save tens of percent on your expensive gas bill. So once you’ve bought it, you will get much more energy for your money than with comparable heat storage systems. Even after the payback period.

The price of energy will remain more stable

NEStore creates stability with regard to the availability and cost of your energy. You will be hardly dependent at all on the erratic and expensive gas supply of today. The NEStore actually operates in the same way as an electric battery, but at a quarter of the cost and without risk.

Installation and maintenance

– Installing NEStore is easy and can be completed in half an hour.

– Installation and maintenance are carried out by certified installers. NEStore uses reliable local partners for that purpose.

– Even after the NEStore has been installed, a heat pump can still be connected to the system at a later date.

Sustainable and circular

NEStore reduces your CO2 emissions. What is more, the large-scale use of this solution will also help prevent overloading the electricity grid. As such, it complements the mix of renewable energy sources, measures and technologies that will enable us to meet our climate targets.

Minimal heat loss

Thanks to the patented vacuum insulation and highly efficient system configuration, the heat loss of NEStore is order of magnitude lower comparing to traditional boilers or buffer vessels.

This massive efficiency gain translates into much higher energy density of NEStore reaching levels of the best electrical batteries. It is like buying the ultimate electrical car for the price of an e-bike.

Thanks to this new technology and affordability of NEStore, energy storage in buildings is now accessible to everyone.

  • Our patented vacuum insulation 2% 2%
  • Other heat storage systems 30% 30%


Will I receive a subsidy for NEStore?

Yes, subsidies are available for heat storage. Whether this applies to your situation, will depend on factors such as local regulations. It is worth finding out what scheme is in force in your municipality.

Do I need a permit?

No, you don’t need a permit for NEStore.

Is it safe?

Yes, in fact NEStore contains no harmful substances or rare metals. NEStore is also a lot safer than electric batteries. Electric batteries can sometimes catch fire and are then extremely difficult to extinguish.

I don't have solar panels – is NEStore still effective?

NEStore is specially made to convert renewable energy into heat energy. The system then stores that energy for later use. If you don’t already have solar panels, it is a sensible idea to purchase them at the same time as NEStore.